Everyone has a role to play to help embed these pillars throughout sport to ensure that the rights of all children are always respected: sports organisations, governments, civil society and trade unions, player associations, sponsors.

The RIGHTS pillars for building sport which respects the rights of all children


• Gigi Alford, Sport should commit to international standards for child protection (Play the Game): Full text

• World Players statement from Executive Director Brendan Schwab on safeguarding the rights of child athletes: Watch video

• Equal Times article by World Players Director of Sport and Human Rights, Gigi Alford: “Child athletes lose big on lagging rights in sport”

• World Players Declaration on Safeguarding the Rights of Child Athletes: Full text and Infographic

• AthletesCAN, a World Players Association associate affiliate, and University of Toronto study: Prevalence of Maltreatment among Current and Former National Team Athletes in Canada

• Child Rights International Network guest article from Play the Game/Danish Institute for Sports Studies on need for more research on childhood experiences in sport:
 "Victims or winners: Why children’s rights should be the next big issue for sport"

• International Safeguards for Children in Sport: Full text

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